Skinny Friends – Fat Self

Trying to stay confident all the time is exhausting business.  Although I would say I could afford to lose a couple of pounds (ok, maybe just a tad bit more than a few – whatever), I sure came away feeling like Miss Piggy Snorty Snort recently when I went out for Girl’s Night with three fabulously gorgeous friends.  Ordinarily, I wouldn’t have given my weight a second thought but on this particular evening, all I kept thinking about was on how my thighs rubbed uncomfortably together whenever I would cross and uncross them, how some particular body parts felt like they were shooting the knees, or how having a pooch is no longer endearing, no matter what the husbster says.  Needless to say, the appetizers we decided to partake in barely got a second glance from me except for a taste here and there.  And trust me, I was EXTREMELY hungry.  Extremely hungry = unhappy Josie!  And worse, they all stated that they were stuffed from these small, measly little plates of nothing.  Seriously??  You’re stuffed??  No freakin way! 


That’s it. Momma’s hitting the gym PRONTO!!!  Hmph!


2 responses to “Skinny Friends – Fat Self

  1. Girl… please! We all feel that way sometimes… Luckily my friends that I have been hanging out with lately.. all have a pooch too! Although we are ALL fabu! Trust!

    So I bought a pilates DVD….and a core fusion DVD…both still sitting on my nightstand next to my martini..which is the reason for the pooch in the firstplace…besides my fibroids that is!

    Know that YOU are one of the most gorgeous women I know.. pooch or not.. ((hugs))

  2. you’re gorgeous! always.

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