What Color Are His Flags?

Why is it that in our quest to find our prince, we settle for frogs? Worse yet, we marry those frogs believing that they will not give us warts and delude ourselves into thinking that they’ll miraculously manifest into the royalty we “know” that they can become. Pay attention dear ones, if you come across a frog, leave them in the smelly swamp you found them in. Welcome to reality ladies. They’re in that swamp for a reason. Don’t try to rehabilitate them into something you could live with. Life is too short without picking up human strays. You want to fix something, get yourself a hobby that doesn’t include human refurbishing.


Maybe your friend’s have given you advice and maybe you’ve taken that advice and put it in your circular file but for once, if you’re really interested in a healthy relationship, stop ignoring the red flags.

For instance:

• If they can’t make a firm commitment unless their mommy agrees? Red Flag
• If they constantly want to know where you are, with whom and give new meaning to the word “stalking”? Red Flag
• If they consistently check their manners at the door? Red Flag
• If their pet name for you is chunky monkey? Red Flag
• If they tell anyone who will listen, how much they just love your back fat? Red Flag

And the list goes on. Point is, of late, I’ve come across too many friends that are tolerating unacceptable behavior because they’re either afraid to be alone or they think they’ll never find anyone special. What a bunch of hooey! Ladies, let’s learn to read the warning signs BEFORE you decide to tie the knot. If it goes, “Ribbit”, run, don’t walk, out of that jungle.


8 responses to “What Color Are His Flags?

  1. This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

  2. Great reminder! I think young ladies just don’t think enough of themselves to know they deserve better. I love what my daughter says in repsonse to one of those lists of things about you.. The question is “do you think you are beautiful?” Her reply:” I must be. My daddy calls me his princess”
    More of us need to see the beauty that is in us. If we were not fortunate enough to have an earthly daddy that called us his princess, then we need to remember that we have a heavenly dad that will.

  3. I had a 90 day trial offer on possible princes. If they even croaked alittle they were thrown back in the pond. Don’t waste more than 90 days on a toad, it will never grown to be a man. Keep throwing them back until one is human like. If after 90 days he shines with his crown keep him and make your move. Ask the big question! Well, don’t be shy, ask well it’s been 90 days is this relationship going towards a goal or are we staying on the same rock. Then you decide. Remember the ball is always in our court. Its a matter of keeping it or tossing it. Good searching gals.

  4. Not to bash our precious male counterparts because they can be magnificent; but I would have to agree if he croaks…….RUN!!!!!!!

    Feeling like a savior? Santa Maria, you are not. Don’t think martrydom is a profession so don’t make it one.

    Fellas it’s time to grow up. Be the gentleman, and the leader, the visionary, the protector, the provider that you were meant to be. And Ladies if he is not being all that forget the biological clock and hold out for the best.

    Your ticker will hold out better to live in the land of hopes and dreams than in the stinky swamp with your suffocating frog.

  5. Hi nice blog 🙂 I can see a lot of effort has been put in.

  6. Wonderful, wonderful blog. This is definitely true. I can’t wait to read your other blogs.

  7. I loved this post and have to admit I used to be that girl who thought she could change the “Frog”!

  8. Generally, women believe a man will change after marriage, but he stays the same; and men believe a woman will stay the same after marriage, but she changes.

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