The Ugly Side of Facebook

You hosted an amazing cocktail party.  Your guest list was thoughtfully and deliberately well planned out. The right mix of people – a small group of 20.  This was not the kind of party where you needed or wanted to invite every friend in your address book. It was a special fundraiser and the event was a complete success.  It was ‘Page Six’ worthy.

Then, you woke up the next morning, got out of bed, and left a few of your brain cells on the pillow.  You chirped to your husband how much you were looking forward to uploading your pictures from last night’s soiree, to Facebook. Yes, you were delusional enough to think that this was an absolutely fabulous idea.  You can’t wait to share it with your fellow FBers. 

You pour yourself a cup of that black sludge you call coffee (not even your Husband will drink that vile mixture) and you happily plop yourself down in front of your ‘puter.  You take a sip, put down the mug, and get to work on sorting through some of the best images from the party. You start humming your favorite song.  Your spirits are flying high.  As soon as you upload all of the images, you get the bright idea of adding fun commentary to each pic.  Once done, you get up, take a shower and get on with the business of starting your day.  Before you leave the house though, you go back on Facebook to see if anyone has left a comment yet.

To your surprise, there were 10. As you start to read them, the smile slides off your face.  You slowly sit down. You can’t believe it. The claws had come out from some of your so called “friends”.  They were indignant that they hadn’t been invited. Some even wrote some pretty nasty stuff on your wall.  You’re mind is racing.  How dare they? It wasn’t that kind of party where you needed to invite everyone.  And how many parties had they hosted, that you hadn’t been invited to? Did you get upset? No.  You put your big girl knickers on and realized that friends can hang out with other friends without your participation.  But after reading some of the VERY nasty and unkind public comments, you realize that there is definitely a double standard. You wonder out loud, “Are we still in grade school? How old are we? Grow up people.”  The cattiness is just unbelievable. 

Facebook can bring out the worst in people.  The ugly.  And when it gets ugly, Facebook loses some of its charm and appeal.  And now, you either have to start blocking people or hiding your wall.  What a drag!  Well, so much for sharing!


3 responses to “The Ugly Side of Facebook

  1. I remarked to a close friend just the other day how much Facebook has come to resemble small town life – a very small town. When there’s only the DQ on the main drag, everyone can see that you went out ‘with the boy in the leather jacket on Saturday night’.

    In the real world, many people dream of escaping this claustrophobic environment, Facebook is beginning to feel much the same.

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  3. YOU had a party and didn’t invite ME? The nerve! Just kidding. Still love my Josie in the City friend!! 😉

    Kind of baffels the mind…at least mine…how people have this self-entitlement kind of complex. I see it everywhere – the car line at school, grocery store, FACEBOOK. It’s a turn off for sure when you see the ugly side of your friends.

    Sorry the few had to ruin the wonderful world of FB for you.

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