Summer’s End

As a whisper of a breeze gently caresses my hair on this beautiful end-of-Summer day, I realize that it is time to step away from the soothing waves of the beach and step back into the pages of my real life.

Writing was becoming increasingly difficult as the Summer months approached and I soon found myself running dry on inspiration.  At that point I realized that it was time for a Summer sabbatical, away from writing, so that I can refresh, renew and regroup.  As timing would have it, my family was visiting for the Summer and what a perfect time that would be to take off from it all and spend some much needed time with the “familia”.

Now everyone’s packed up and gone and we have the place to ourselves again.  My fingers have rested enough and perhaps I have regenerated enough inspiration brain cells to start writing again. “Baby steps”, I tell myself. 

Hope everyone had a GREAT Summer! Wishing you an amazing Labor Day weekend. =)


2 responses to “Summer’s End

  1. I love the summer but get more written in the fall and winter, I guess ’cause there isn’t as much daylight and the weather is not as conducive to being outside. Play hard and write hard too!

    Dr. B

  2. Love you! Here’s looking forward to an awesome fall and winter season and more great things to come!

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