Tardy to The 2011 New Year’s Resolutions Party

It’s February! Egad!!!! What on earth happened to January???  Forgive me, my darlings, for just getting around to my first post of the New Year.  I had such high hopes this year of being more organized with my time but…sigh…it’s evident that I still need to work on this.  Well, out the window goes New Year’s Resolution #1.  Heh!

I’m not sure why, every year, I paint myself into a tidy little corner by creating these lofty resolutions that will only serve to agitate me even further when something doesn’t get done. I need to relax (that was New Year’s Resolution #2).  I need to hang up my Wonder Woman outfit and remember that I don’t have to do it ALL or be everything to everyone.  Hmmm…maybe I should have put THAT on my list too…but I digress.  Since I have a penchant for list making, perhaps my focus should be on bite sized endeavors instead of these huge, impossible-to-accomplish, lists.   

So, I guess in keeping with my new attitude, I’m shredding my resolutions list, cutting myself some slack, and rewarding myself with two lovely scoops of some Pralines and Cream Cake. Yum! 

 Have an amazing weekend my darlings!  Smooches. xoxo

via {this is glamorous}


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