{Thankful Thursday…}

Image credit:  Acuprocess; Royalty-Free/Corbis; Amdahl Photography

Do you feel it? Can you sense it? I smell Spring in the air and for that I am wonderfully thankful.  Hard to believe that we’re already in March. Spring makes me feel giddy, gleeful, and OVER-THE-TOP inspired. I grow my hopes and dreams in a Petri dish all Winter long and give birth to them in the Spring.

 Ahhhh! Glorious Spring.  It’s not too cold, not too hot, but juuuuust right! It’s a whispered hint of a passionate filled Summer to come.  Yes, Spring is definitely my favorite season.

What’s your favorite season?


3 responses to “{Thankful Thursday…}

  1. Love this: “Ahhh! Glorious Spring.” Like you, I look forward to all that Spring offers. Sun. Flowers. Birth. Daffodils. Walking in the rain. Ahhhh, Glorious Spring!

    Blessings, Yolanda

  2. Life is a process of gaining self-awareness, and there is no set formula. As individuals, we learn in unique ways at our own pace. Once we realize that all life exists because of God’s love, we begin to open like a flower smiling at the sun.

  3. Beautiful. Where is this field located?

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