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{Staying inspired…}

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Happy Monday My Beloved! 

As I commence another week, I must remind myself to stay on course, stay focused and be true to those things that I love and find unique.  Creativity can be fueled  from all that surrounds us.  Now all I have to do is pay attention and stay awake.  Which reminds me…where is that espresso I ordered. 😉

Have an amazing week my angels!





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{Happiness is in the little things…}

Happy Tuesday my darlings! I hope you had a FANTASTIC day.  Forgive me for being completely lax in my blogging responsibilities. I need to find a good balance between my work and my passions. Getting to that point has been quite the challenge of late.  I need to keep reminding myself that all work and no play makes for a dull existence. Who wants that, right?  Thankfully I have wonderful friends who pull me from beneath the mound of paperwork on my desk and get me to smell the flowers…literally.  Ahhh! Happiness is in the little things in life.

These beautiful flowers were sent to me by one of my dearest friends today just because she wanted to bring a bit of joy into my stressful day.  Seeing these flowers on my desk brought an instant smile to my face. I’m truly blessed to be surrounded by such amazing people.

May you, dear readers, be blessed with friends as equally as wonderful.

Summer’s End

As a whisper of a breeze gently caresses my hair on this beautiful end-of-Summer day, I realize that it is time to step away from the soothing waves of the beach and step back into the pages of my real life.

Writing was becoming increasingly difficult as the Summer months approached and I soon found myself running dry on inspiration.  At that point I realized that it was time for a Summer sabbatical, away from writing, so that I can refresh, renew and regroup.  As timing would have it, my family was visiting for the Summer and what a perfect time that would be to take off from it all and spend some much needed time with the “familia”.

Now everyone’s packed up and gone and we have the place to ourselves again.  My fingers have rested enough and perhaps I have regenerated enough inspiration brain cells to start writing again. “Baby steps”, I tell myself. 

Hope everyone had a GREAT Summer! Wishing you an amazing Labor Day weekend. =)