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{Morning rituals…}

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I seriously cannot seem to get it together or clear the cobwebs from my brain until I’ve had my first cup of caffeine goodness.  My mornings must start quietly and with minimal jarring movements.   Heaven help the Husband if he tries to chat me up before 9 a.m.  I just can’t seem to make my voice work before that time. Now, it’s not that I ever wake up grumpy BUT my brain needs to be properly lubricated before I can make any human grunts.  Heh!

 Happy Tuesday Darlings!




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When Life Becomes too Loud

When work gets out of hand, traveling becomes too much, the phone never stops ringing and the problems never stop, I run to the beach.  When one is never enough, the negative talk never ceases, the pressure from a few selfish friends’ mount, and good is never good enough, I run to the beach.  

When the weight won’t come off, the mirror will not lie, my favorite Prada shoes break, and there’s nowhere to hide, I run to the beach.  When the roar in my ears will not subside, demands on my time are presumed a given, encouragement and support are at a minimum, and no one around to lift my spirits, I run to the beach. 

When life becomes too loud, the beach is my peacemaker, spirit lifter, fun saver, joy giver.  The ocean gives back to me and takes away that which I do not need.  When life becomes too loud…I run.