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Wordless Wednesday…{a quick snapshot of my weekend}

What better way to take in the park…

My iPad, a bit of ‘Vino’ and people watching…what fun.

Life in action…

My day isn’t complete until I’ve had a Pretzel with mustard. Yum…

Look closely and you will see a guy jogging in his SUIT, with a beverage in hand.  God, there is nothing like my beloved NYC!! LOL

Whew! All that people watching created a bit of a thirst.  Starbucks anyone? 🙂

Gourmet chocolates…Dee-lish!!!!

Did I mention that I’m a bit of a foodie…

Ended my day with a glass of chilled vino and my ‘Pad…

{Happiness is in the little things…}

Happy Tuesday my darlings! I hope you had a FANTASTIC day.  Forgive me for being completely lax in my blogging responsibilities. I need to find a good balance between my work and my passions. Getting to that point has been quite the challenge of late.  I need to keep reminding myself that all work and no play makes for a dull existence. Who wants that, right?  Thankfully I have wonderful friends who pull me from beneath the mound of paperwork on my desk and get me to smell the flowers…literally.  Ahhh! Happiness is in the little things in life.

These beautiful flowers were sent to me by one of my dearest friends today just because she wanted to bring a bit of joy into my stressful day.  Seeing these flowers on my desk brought an instant smile to my face. I’m truly blessed to be surrounded by such amazing people.

May you, dear readers, be blessed with friends as equally as wonderful.

Valentine’s Day Pampering

Going it solo this Valentine’s Day darlings? If so, then it is high time that you give yourself the love you deserve by treating yourself to something fabulous.  Here are a few of my yummy suggestions:

Images: Veuve Clicquot 1998 Brut Rose La Grande Dame  | Black Caviar Scrub | Orchidee Imperiale Rich Cream Basic  | Champagne-Truffles | Trish McEvoy Face Vitamin C Cream | Jenny Packham |  Cappuccino

  Happy ‘Hearts’ Day my treasures!



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Do You Mind? You’re in My Personal Space.

Out of all the available seating in this place, you decide to choose the seat next to mine?  Whatever happened to personal space?  It seems that as a society, we are forgetting more and more about what it means to be civilized.  We are not a commune of baboons, which migrate around in packs and are constantly grooming each other, searching for bugs. We are human beings with an indelible right to our own personal space and when you ignore those boundaries, well… “Houston, we have a problem”. 

As Sofia, on Golden Girls, would say “Picture it”.  You go to the Ladies Restroom and there are a vast number of empty stalls.  “Perfect”, you say aloud.  Since the restroom is empty, you go into the last stall, assuming that if anyone comes in, they assuredly will not take the stall next to yours because they will desire their own personal space as much as you do.  Not to mention that you would also be mortified if anyone overheard you taking care of your personal business. But you spoke too quickly because no sooner do you make yourself comfortable on the porcelain god and in walks someone, making a beeline for the stall next to yours.  For the love of everything that is holy, are they serious?  What of the other open stalls? What is wrong with this person?

You quietly seethe and wonder who was inconsiderate enough to commit this transgression. You look down and across to see if you recognize their shoes.  Ugh!!!  Who else would accessorize their feet with such heinous foot wear?  Just what you needed!  So now you wait, hoping that the other person doesn’t do anything too horrifying and that they finish up their business quickly.  In an ideal world, that would have been great but no, this is not your day.  You both decide to wait the other out and thus ensues a silent nerve-racking game of chicken.  No one wants to go first.  What now? Well, your body reminds you of all the stimulants you had during lunch (READ large amounts of fiber) and you know that you will not be able to hold out for much longer if this keeps up.  The uncomfortable silence is unbearable.  Beads of sweat break out on your forehead from the strain of holding on and your nether region is going numb from sitting on a hard surface.  Oh, if only your seat were made out of gel.  You would surely be gellin’.   

Finally, your body decides that it waits for no one and you let yourself go.  As this is happening, you quickly take action and do a ‘mercy flush’, hoping that the noise of the flush will disguise any unpleasantries.   As quickly as you can, you dash out of there like a bat out of hell, wash your hands for as long as it takes you to mentally sing the Happy Birthday song, and scamper out of the restroom as though your butt were on fire.  You are grateful that the wench had the good grace to not show her face until you were done but all of this could have been avoided if the woman had enough sense to cop a squat in another stall further down.  Why do people do this? It’s truly exasperating.  I don’t know how men do it. Poor things have to expose themselves to the masses.  As for Women…sometimes we can be the absolute worst!!!

How I Lost My Battle to Those Dreaded, Wicked Chicken Fries

Let’s just call it what it is – a lack of self-control. It was all I can do to maintain my fabulous size 6 va-va-voom-ness and then I go and throw it all away by going to the greasy, dark side of fast food. Hello size 8.

I am an emotional eater and when things get pitifully ugly, all my reasoning heads south and I indulge in foods that are probably not helping the body beautiful.

Most of my days are filled with your normal activities & angst; Wake up, meditate, exercise, de-ugly, dress me up, obsess in front of the mirror, feed the dog, kiss The Husband, make a mad dash for the car and put the pedal to the metal so that I can make it to work on time but still make the necessary pit stops in between. Make a quick stop at Star-bees (Starbucks), call the assistant, review the day’s schedule, speed-dial the fam & friends for a quick hello/have a great day, pull up to the office, slather on my war paint and smack on a smile before I face the office troops. Whew! And this is all before 8 a.m.

So needless to say, by lunch time, if my VERY last nerve has been jumped on by some woeful, unsuspecting soul, look out. There I am, skulking to my car before anyone sees me (ask me no questions and I’ll tell you no lies), huge oversized sunglasses on my face, sitting low in my car seat so as not to be seen going through BK’s drive-thru. Next thing you know, I’m sitting in BK’s parking lot, munching on these wicked little fries. Yes, my dirty little secret are those greasy, breaded, fried (read: yummy) chicken fries. I curse the day they created those things. Now I have to hit the tread (mill) twice as hard because of this newly found weakness of mine.

Sigh. Well, I guess there is nothing else I can do for now except to embrace my ample, GROWING, butt. Heh!

Lounge Lizard


Of late, staying home after a long week of intense meetings and extended projects is absolutely wonderful. It’s not that I don’t want to spend time with my girlfriend’s, because I absolutely do but at times, when we go out to a nice lounge, I don’t want to watch any of my girlfriend’s lose her sense of self when an “Alpha male” walks through the door. My mood takes a turn for the uncomfortable if there is any outlandish behavior being exhibited by one of the ladies. There is nothing that puts me off quicker than seeing one of the chica’s trolling for men. If you’re going man fishing, warn me so I can gracefully opt-out and stay home. I’m well aware that for some women it is less stressful to get your game on when your friends are around but to be honest, I feel that meeting someone should be more organic such as at a dinner or cocktail party or perhaps some sort of event where you’ve been invited. Call me crazy but peddling your goodies and hoo haws for the lounge lizards to assess is demoralizing. Women are powerful and exquisite creatures who have no need to be on display. Yet we forget our heads when a happy meal crosses our line of vision and all we can think about is if that tall drink of water has any refills. *Sigh*

Now, when I was single, I wasn’t opposed to the innocuous small talk from “Joe Smoothie“, while cruising the single circuit but I always felt a certain unease when I was being sized up by the opposite species as though they were the butcher and I were the lamb going up for slaughter. Ick! New York City is known for being an open buffet for the single set with an all you can eat menu (as far as dating goes and the plethora of choices) but what I’ve tried to impress upon a few of my gal pals is that if a man from the city has options, why would he settle for just one woman? City living can be a bit taxing if you are trying to rope a husband. I don’t want to generalize, and this is only MY opinion, but most men in the city want to play and be available for open call night. I know that there is a primal dance we must do when we first meet someone but of late, it just all seems too contrived and the joy of the unexpected is taken out of the equation.

All I am saying is that I would love to have some girlfriend time without some lounge lizard thinking he is going to get lucky that night with some hoo hoo action. Not with these ladies you’re not. So beat it. Scram. Move along lounge lizard. These seats are taken and no, we don’t care if you think you “know us from somewhere.” Puleeease.

Must They Do This Now?


This is one of those days when I just want to end my successful shopping experience by dining at one of my favorite bistros with great French food, a delicious bottle of wine and prime seating for optimal people watching. I love to dine with friends and family but today was not one of those days. I just want to feel the cool refreshing breeze blowing off the gulf coast and be alone with my thoughts without the incessant chatter of a companion. I arrive at my favorite bistro just before the lunch crowed descends upon this little piece of heaven. With this being the ideal weather to sit outdoors, the hostess seats me at one of the tables, under a luscious palm tree, for shading. I breathe a sigh of contentment as I take in the scenic view around me. There is soft music filtering through the restaurant and I sit back to enjoy my own company. The waiter, Jon, brings me the wine list. He offers to take my shopping bags and hold them at coat check but I quickly seared him with a look that indicated that he had taken leave of his senses. He quietly slinks away from my stinging glare, now skittish from my obvious displeasure. To think that he actually thought that I wanted to part with my precious shopping bootie. Pfft! As if!!

As I peruse the menu, in walks (for the sake of this post we’ll name them Biff and Lolita) the couple from hell. They were loud, obnoxious and grating against the backdrop of this fabulous establishment. You could feel the mood of the surrounding tables change as Biff and Lolita decide to make their presence known. She, reminiscent of Peggy Bundy from that series, “Married with Children”, he, a facsimile of Homer Simpson but with freshly grown turf on top. I try not to stare, as does everyone else but it is fascinating, this spectacle they are putting on. It’s like a train wreck waiting to happen. Her screeching tone jarred my teeth, as she dressed down poor Biff. I pretend to be engrossed in my menu as she berates him about his overactive libido. His what??!??! Since when is this appropriate conversation in such a public place? And why, oh why, must they do this now? I try to soothe my nerves by taking a sip of my wine but it goes down like vinegar. I feel unsettled by these two.

Now I realize that I’m quite persnickety about the restaurants I frequent and my standards may seem impossibly high to some but my expectation is that if I’m going to spend an obscene amount of money in an upscale restaurant, I would hope that the individuals who patronize this restaurant will not have been raised by farm animals. Biff and Lolita acted as if they had no concept of proper dining etiquette and worse yet it seemed like Lolita was enjoying this vulgar behavior and the attention she was garnering.

That was it for me. My peace and tranquility shattered, I ask the waiter for the check. I notice that others are doing the same. Honestly, if I want drama, I could be in the comfort of my own home, watching reality TV. And THIS was a bit too much reality for me. With shopping bags in hand, I was out the door without a backward glance. Sigh. I guess I was only meant to have a liquid lunch today.