Monthly Archives: May 2009

Curly Is the New Blonde

(This is not my hair)

Who said blondes have more fun? Not this Latina. I am astounded at the reaction and response I’ve received since going curly. If I had known that this change was going to fabulously impact my life, I would have done this sooner. To think that all of this time I had been fighting my inner curly head. I fought it vigorously.

All my life I’ve tortured my hair with relaxers, potions, lotions, blowers, flat irons and perhaps even a Voodoo dance or two to keep this mane of mine from turning into a Chia Pet catastrophe. Although I’ve admired many a curly head from time to time, from how liberated they looked to how wildly sexy, never in a million years did I imagine I would want to join the curly head club and become one of “them”. And yet, I made the leap. I now stand courageous and curly.

Being a curly head has prompted in me a sassiness I never knew I possessed. I feel playful, outspoken and insanely creative. Seductive in unimaginable ways and outlandishly daring. I now feel liberated from the constraints of the daily straight hairdo. I no longer have the need to follow the protocol of the corporate rat race with a look that’s professionally restraining and subdued. My curls had been screaming to be set free and I’ve now decided to submit to its natural rhythm. And from the looks of things, the masses are delighted that I finally decided to do me.